Sunday, February 06, 2005

just one more

Work....let this one explain its self.

Saturday, February 05, 2005

Fiction 1

I had just driven home from work, another day, another average day. I was put on one of the worst jobs in the pressroom. I had to stand, as opposed to sitting on a stool, and I was forced by boredom to actually complete 400 + parts. My mind would tell me to slow down, but my boredom would tell me to go faster, as if the day would end when I did. It rarely did. I usually had an extra half-hour between the time my job was over, and the time the bell rang at midnight. Tonight was no freaking exception. It was a Thursday and Thursdays usually meant watching my friends drink when I got home. I wasn't to the point where I was going to start drinking on work nights, I'd need some sort of problem to start that kind of problem. Funny how that works, the way one solves problems with other problems. I guess if it works, then there's still only two problems, and yet another problem has not been created. Problem problem problem.

I arrived at home approximately 48 minutes after midnight. I was wearing a nappy plain white tshirt, and an oft worn zip-up sweatshirt with a cigarette hole burned in the pocket. Everything is a god damned memory these days. I spit my chewing gum over my car, out into the rural abyss, slung the one good strap of my back-pack over my left shoulder, and headed to the door. I could hear the people inside laughing, having a good time. "already drunk" I thought. I opened the door and the party crowd was in the corner of the kitchen on some beer-drunk mission, when unexpectedly, two girls turned around simultaneously. Shit. This wasn't one of the regulars. This one actually appeared to be my age. This one was attractive. This one seemed different. She spoke. "hi". The look on her face told me that this wasn't going to be another MGD night, something was in the air, it was the high life, tonight was going to be a mixed drink with three ingredients; me, you and lots of vodka. (name) spoke "Josiah, this is my cousin (name), (name) this is Josiah". Name spoke next "I've been waiting for you all night" and kissed me on the cheek. FUCK...fuck fuck fuck... This doesn't happen to me, nothing like this is supposed to happen to me. My feeble mind cannot possibly bear the load of another, not again, not after those other times. My 19 year dry spell was not about to end. As much as I wanted it to, there was no way the two devils on my shoulders would let me experience any sort of pleasure. I could get the twins drunk, but they'd just become more witty and clever, like I do (I think I do). EDIT: The twins would just become jerks, like I do, and end up distracting me all night long.