Tuesday, November 01, 2005


I'm eating waffles in lieu of a bowl of rice
I'm using butter in lieu of margarine
the cold syrup makes the toasting of said waffles rather pointless.
The trick-or-treaters rarely come to my parents' house because the neighborhood elderly are slowly dying and the families with children are constantly moving away. Sadly, that means I get to eat a lot of Junior Mints.
I work in a factory in lieu of going to school
I'm using the internet in lieu of watching TV.
I've been reading in lieu of writing.
The growing trend is to donate to charity in lieu of flowers.
I turned to a friend about one of my problems in lieu of trying to handle them ALL by myself and I remembered what it was like to be able to resolve them that comfortably.
I also remembered what it was like to have friends who listened and understood.
She was returning the favor in lieu of being selfish I guess.

I'm suprised my hair isn't grey already.


the integrity league said...

this marks the beginning of word verification for comments on the integrity league.

Anonymous said...

i would listen... if you would let me?!

Kalia said...

Josiah...Love you....and miss you...too..also...as well...yes...

emilie said...

Your last post made me smile, what with the folding of laundry. I'm almost moved to write a list of my own, but I hate stealing people's thunder.

It's weird but you always remind me of someone and it isn't you. Maybe I'll figure it out someday.

the integrity league said...

actually, I got the list idea from some guy named curt cloninger, I'm not sure who he is, so go ahead!

Paige said...

i think you underestimate my taste in music josiah. i think you stereotype me as a boy crazy teenage girl. but i swear im not!

Paige (once again) said...

you would understand the whole death cab boy thing if you went to my school.....hes the only person ive met that listens to anything remotely cool, and as far as the song you posted, ya ive heard it and ya i like it, its better than most death cab

we should hang out

the integrity league said...
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