Monday, January 16, 2006

Things I heard at work today 1

-You notice how there's all these bank robberies when the economy is bad?

-Well you really know it's bad when there's all these home invasions, when you gotta go into someone's house it's pretty bad.

-I'd rob the boss's house, that's where all the good shit is. See all that nice stuff hangin on the walls.

(boss) - The first thing you'll see in my house is the shotgun

-The only thing worth stealing at your house are the cows, but that's too much work for me.

(boss continues) - Wolverines took the tail off a deer, If I see that thing I'm gonna kill him.
Coyotes got all my chickens too. I don't know how much coyote hide is worth, but I'm gonna find out.

the end.


emilie said...

So today, I realized I've been OD-ing on the Sufjan lately, so I thought I'd do something CRAZY. I pulled out Ozma.

Ozma has been retired on my shelf for 2 years. Ever since they announced they were breaking up, I guess I was so disheartened I buried the music with the group.

Anyway, I googled them. Guess what? They're getting back together! No kidding!

I'm so giddy with a long-forgotten joy...

Randall J. said...

i wish i heard stuff that cool at work. cows are too much work to steal, and i can imagine it would be pretty hard to sell a stolen cow.