Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Fiction 3

She's My Alcatraz
OR My Aim is True
OR Hard Luck Story

"I'm going to the bathroom" She said.
I looked at the clock. Instict. I knew there was a 50% chance that she wouldn't come back.
She got up to go to the bathroom, knocking the lamp off the dresser in the process. "do you need some help"
"no, I'll be alright"
I got out of the bed and turned the light on. She was scratching at the closet door. "I'm going to help you" I said. I helped her to the door, then into the bathroom.
I looked at the clock again just to be sure as I got back in bed.
I heard her open and shut the bathroom door, then again five minutes later, open and shut the bathroom door. She didn't come back.
I picked up my dusty old guitar, and instantly added a verse to the sad song that I wrote the first time she had acted that way. fifteen more minutes passed before I decided to go make a point.
She was obviously very drunk at the time, which made no difference to me.
I found her in the basement sitting on the couch laughing. I stood in the doorway for 5 minutes waiting for her to acnowledge my presence. no such luck. So it goes. I sat down on the couch next to her and asked her where she was sleeping that particular night. "your bed"? She responded. "Then you'd better get up there pretty damn fast". I ran up the stairs before she could respond. I got back in bed, disgusted. I looked at the clock again.
Fifteen minutes later I was back on the attack. As I walked out the door into the kitchen everyone wore a sad face. a face that wouldn't be explained until later the next day. She was kneeling on the living room floor talking to the voice of reason. The voice of reason had the same damn look on his face.
"what the hell are you doing" I asked
"she's really really drunk" the voice responded.
Then she fell on the floor crying.
To me, crying in front of someone is an extremely irrational action, on par with yelling or physical violence (for non self-defensive purposes).
I put my hands under her arms and literally stood her to her feet. Adrenaline induced pissed off strength. I escorted her into the bedroom and guided her to the bed. Light push. All was well.
Sleep that night was next to impossible. Crammed between a non responsive girl and a non responsive wall, I listened to the party ramble on.

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